Snowy Scenery!

Hello everyone! So, I took some photos of the snow that we have! As I write this post, it is snowing like crazy! By the time I actually post this post, it probably is not going to be snowing like crazy. I bet you guys are DYING to see this post, so I will try… Continue reading Snowy Scenery!


A Photoshoot of Izzy With Her Polkadot Dress!

Hello everyone! (I am very sorry that I didn't post the last day of "Countdown To My Birthday. I was very excited on my birthday, and then they day after I got a package. So... I MIGHT have forgotten to post it... *nervous laugh*) Today I am going to show you some pictures that I… Continue reading A Photoshoot of Izzy With Her Polkadot Dress!

Outdoor Photoshoot With My Dolls!

Hello everyone! So, a few days ago I went outside to take some photos. I was encouraged by the beautiful weather and sunshine to take some photos. I am really happy with the quality of some of these photos. Some of them have WAY too much sunlight in them, but I am going to show… Continue reading Outdoor Photoshoot With My Dolls!

The Ways Of Life Plus A Shoutout!

I was sitting outside with Muffin enjoying the crisp, fall air. I was watching the birds and bunny rabbits. I lay down on the picnic blanket and took a short nap with Muffin. After I woke up from my nap, I took my saucer chair and placed it where I wanted to sit down. Look… Continue reading The Ways Of Life Plus A Shoutout!

Outdoor Photoshoot!

Hello everyone! Today I took some photos outside! I took photos of some pretty flowers! Here come the goats! Look at how silly Mama Goat is!! (Mama Goat is her real name!) Clover is very curious! Here are Cookie and Miracle! Now you are going to see a ton of photos of the chickens! I… Continue reading Outdoor Photoshoot!