Snowy Scenery!

Hello everyone! So, I took some photos of the snow that we have! As I write this post, it is snowing like crazy! By the time I actually post this post, it probably is not going to be snowing like crazy. I bet you guys are DYING to see this post, so I will try… Continue reading Snowy Scenery!


Outdoor Photoshoot With My Dolls!

Hello everyone! So, a few days ago I went outside to take some photos. I was encouraged by the beautiful weather and sunshine to take some photos. I am really happy with the quality of some of these photos. Some of them have WAY too much sunlight in them, but I am going to show… Continue reading Outdoor Photoshoot With My Dolls!

The Ways Of Life Plus A Shoutout!

I was sitting outside with Muffin enjoying the crisp, fall air. I was watching the birds and bunny rabbits. I lay down on the picnic blanket and took a short nap with Muffin. After I woke up from my nap, I took my saucer chair and placed it where I wanted to sit down. Look… Continue reading The Ways Of Life Plus A Shoutout!

Mini Photoshoot With Izzy!

Hello everyone! Welcome back to my blog! Today I am going to show you some pictures that I took with Izzy. Here is Izzy standing outside. Izzy wanted to take a pic of her sitting in front of the window. Izzy loves the soft carpet! I don't know why I wanted to take a picture… Continue reading Mini Photoshoot With Izzy!