Blog Updates!

Hello everyone! Today, I am going to be doing with my blog and other things. So, now that my dolls have a new blog, this is my lifestyle blog. If you want to see doll posts, head on over HERE. My dolls have been wanting a blog, so I finally got them one. XD Anyway,… Continue reading Blog Updates!


A Photoshoot of Izzy With Her Polkadot Dress!

Hello everyone! (I am very sorry that I didn't post the last day of "Countdown To My Birthday. I was very excited on my birthday, and then they day after I got a package. So... I MIGHT have forgotten to post it... *nervous laugh*) Today I am going to show you some pictures that I… Continue reading A Photoshoot of Izzy With Her Polkadot Dress!

Outdoor Photoshoot With My Dolls!

Hello everyone! So, a few days ago I went outside to take some photos. I was encouraged by the beautiful weather and sunshine to take some photos. I am really happy with the quality of some of these photos. Some of them have WAY too much sunlight in them, but I am going to show… Continue reading Outdoor Photoshoot With My Dolls!