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Hello everyone! So, this girl named Amelia is really sweet, and she has an amazing blog! I reblogged one of her posts because she like it when people do that. PLEASE CHECK OUT HER BLOG!!! Have a great day!



My Thoughts On Luciana And Her Collection!

Hello everyone! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! So, today, AG released Luciana and her collection! I am super excited for her, but I am not going to be able to get her. Here are my thoughts and opinions on Luciana’s collection.

Luciana doll and book:


Overall, I think that she is super adorable, and her meet outfit is really cute. I love that the purple streak in her hair is permanent, unlike Isabelle. I love her side bangs a lot!

Let’s talk about her meet outfit. I LOVE it!!! I love how the choker and her boots are holographic, and I love holographic things. THE DRESS IS SO PRETTY!!!! I love how the dress is so galactic. Everything on her meet outfit screams “astronaut”!

I think that the doll is super pretty! Luciana looks a lot like one of the Truly Me dolls. (I forgot the number) XD I still think that Luciana is unique in her own way.

I would definitely buy this doll. Overall, I think that she is my favorite GOTY EVER!!! Isn’t she so pretty?

Luciana’s Maker Station:


Alrighty! This is Luciana’s Maker Station! It is really cool, but I don’t know what it is supposed to be… I think it is where Luciana comes up with ideas and does her work? If you know what this is supposed to be let me know in the comments.

I think that it is really cool that AG included some Mega Blocks in this set. The desk and everything on it is really cool. The only thing I don’t like about it is that it looks cheap like it would fall apart easily.

I don’t think I would buy this set. It is cute and all, but I don’t know what to think about it…

Luciana’s Telescope Projector Set:


Now, come on! This set is SUPER cute! really think this is a great edition to Luciana’s collection.

I love the blanked thing. Uh, what is that? Is it a thing to put your telescope on outside??? Again, let me know in the comments what that is. Anyway, the blanked looks really galactic, and I like that it has two sides. The telescope looks like a real telescope! I really like it. I also like the phone that comes with the set. At least, I think it is a phone…

I don’t think I would buy this set because of how high the price is. I still like it, though. I think this is another great edition to Luciana’s collection.


Luciana’s Robotic Dog:


Now, I am going to be ranting about this dog. It is cute and all, but… I would have much rather wanted to see a non-robotic dog.

In my opinion, the dog looks cheaply made. I do think it is fun that the dog can move though. I think that if AG wants to charge a lot of money for this dog, then they should at least make it look nicer.

I would not buy this dog because of the price, and I don’t really like it.

Luciana’s Mars Habitat:


I actually happen to think this is cute! I really like that AG is trying to make it seem more believable that Luciana is going to mars. A lot of the other GOTY’s collection didn’t make them seem more believable.

I think that all the accessories are SUPER cute! It even comes with a cute headset! I really like this product of Luciana’s collection. The only thing I don’t like about it is that AG wants to charge over $300 for this!

I won’t be buying this because of the price. I still think this is very cute, and I would buy it.

Luciana’s Visitor Center Accessories:


Everyone, YOU HAVE TO BUY THIS!!! This is the cutest thing ever!

I absolutely love this set! It looks so fun to play with. I think that this is definitely a great addition to Luciana’s collection.

I would buy this! It is affordable, and so cute!

Luciana’s Accessories:



Ahh, this is also adorable! I love this set, and it is absolutely amazing.

I think Luciana’s accessories are way cooler than any of the other GOTY’s. SHE EVEN HAS HER OWN DEHYDRATED ICE CREAM BAR!!! Of course the backpack is holographic. Which I love. 😉 The rest of the items are super cute too.

I would TOTALLY buy this item! I am thinking about buying it.

Luciana’s Stellar Outfit:


This outfit is really cute! I think that this is super sciency. (That is not a word. XD)

I think that the jacket is really cute, but the rest of the outfit kind of doesn’t go together. I think that the turtleneck shirt looks strange on Luciana. I like the shoes a lot though!

I would probably buy this item, but it isn’t the top item on my Luciana wish list.

Luciana’s Flight Suit:


I think that this is a super cute outfit!

There isn’t much to review on this outfit plus I am getting a headache. So, I really like the color on this outfit, and the shoes are cute for this outfit too. I LOVE the patches on the outfit too.

I probably wouldn’t buy this outfit because my dolls don’t want to be an astronaut, but I love the look of this outfit.

Luciana’s PJ’s:


Ahh, these PJ’s are great! I like them a lot.

I think that the theme on the PJ’s is just right. I think the outfit looks a little plain though. Maybe it should have more stars? I don’t know, but overall it is a really cute outfit!

I would buy this outfit. I think that my dolls would like it a lot.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and have a happy new year! Have a great day!


The Ways Of Life (Season 2)


Hello Everyone! The Ways Of Life season 2 has come! How do you like the logo? Anyway, since I got my new doll, I can do the new season for The Ways Of Life! Enjoy!

“Muffin, do you want to go outside?” I asked Muffin.

“RUFF!!” Muffin said. I assumed that meant “Yes” because she was dancing and looked like she was smiling.

“Alright, then let’s get your harness on!” I said while trying to capture her wriggling body.

Muffin had recovered from her accident, and she could do everything that a puppy could do. I was just glad she was OK.

Izzy walking muffin

I took Muffin outside for a little while. Muffin seemed to enjoy the crisp, winter air.

Izzy playing with Muffin

I played in mounds of snow with Muffin. After that, I realized that it was getting too cold. I could barely feel my toes and fingers anymore. That is when I decided to go inside.

Izzy taking off Muffin's harness

When Muffin and I got inside, I took off my shoes and took off Muffin’s harness. I got a hot cocoa right after that. Muffin took a sip of some warm water that I gave her.

Izzy doing laundry

Next, I had to do my laundry. I hate doing my laundry, but it isn’t gonna do it by itself. I clumsily put my heart patterned sweater on one of my white hangers.

Izzy going to brush teeth

I totally forgot to brush my teeth! I swiftly grabbed my ACT Kids and brushed my teeth.

Izzy's decision

After I took care of all that, I went on my phone to check the AG News Program. One of the headlines said:

“15 Year Old Girl Needs Your Help!”

I clicked on the article wondering what it would say. I gasped at what the article said:

“A 15 year old girl is on the streets of Chicago. Her name is Gracelyn, and she is an orphan that has found neither a home nor warmth. She needs someone to take care of her and give her a home that she desperately needs. Call the number below to ask if you can adopt the girl.”

Immediately this article touched my heart. I needed to help this girl named Gracelyn. I called the number given. Never did I know that would be the most important call of my life.

DUN DUN DUN!!!!!! Wow, I really enjoyed writing this, and I hope you enjoyed reading this. Season 2 of The Ways Of Life is going to be the most dramatic, most enjoyable, and most entertaining season I think you will ever read from The Ways Of Life! I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!

Have a great day!


Christmas Collab With Yashvi!

Hello everyone! Today I present to you a:
dinner party!

So, this is a late Christmas collab! Just to let you know, Yashvi does not celebrate Christmas. I am in Bold Yashvi in italics. 

What do you do for Christmas?

Since I don’t celebrate Christmas, nothing. I wake up, and do my normal morning routine and open a present. That is it. 🙂

What is the top thing on your Christmas list?

An Instax Mini 9!

What do you think Christmas is about?

Well, from what I’ve heard, celebrating Jesus’ birth and being happy!

Do you have fancy food for breakfast, lunch, or dinner?

Sometimes, if my Mom allows me to make it.

Do you have a ton of people come over to your house for Christmas?


What are you getting your parents for Christmas?

It’s a surprise. They read my blog, so I can’t tell you!

Do you play in the snow on Christmas?

Australia doesn’t get snow, unfortunately.

How many presents do you usually get on Christmas?

Usually one, and it’s a pretty good present.

What is the best present you’ve ever gotten?

A new bike.

What is the biggest present you’ve ever gotten?

My bike. LOL

I hope you enjoyed this post! Have a great Saturday!



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My New Blog Button!

Hello everyone! Today, I designed my own blog button! Here it is:

My Blog Button

I really like it! Please update my blog button if you have my old one! Thank you so much! If you would like to swap buttons just let me know. Have a great day!



Hello hot cocoas! EEKKK!!! I got my new doll yesterday! Now, I am not aloud to open her until January 20th because she is an early birthday present. I can still take pics of her in the box, and hold the box. WARNING: THE FOLLOWING PHOTOS AHEAD ARE HORRIBLE QUALITY!! XDD

Are you ready to see who she is???

I GOT #55! Isn’t she so photogenic and pretty and cute???!!! XDDD


The only thing I thought was weird was the fact that she came in the original AG box. I got this doll at my local Toys R Us store. THIS PHOTO IS HORRIBLE!!! 


 ANOTHER HORRIBLE PHOTO!!!!  Anyway, This is a horrible  close up on her face. I really wanted to get a doll with freckles and a different hair style than Izzy’s.

I CAN’T WAIT TO OPEN HER!!! I am on the countdown right now! I AM SO EXCITED!! Do you like her? Have a great day!


AG Boy Dolls???!!!

Hello hot cocoas! Ugh, the time has come. More boy AG dolls have come. Check out Kiki’s post here to learn more about it. On January 1st not only Luciana is coming out, but the new Truly Me boy doll are supposed to come out. I am not happy with AG right now. Now, I have come up with something:

Everyone who wants to, should boycott boy AG items. You don’t have to boycott all AG items, but just the ones that are boy dolls and boy doll clothes. Say #BoycottAGBoyDolls in the comments if you are going to boycott AG boy dolls and clothes.

A lot of people were saying to boycott AG altogether, but I didn’t want to do that. This way, everyone can still get their AG doll clothes and accessories, but not the boy ones. I am NOT happy with AG that they are doing this. I guess the puberty book for boys, and Logan wasn’t bad. Well, I hope you have a great day!



More Clues On My New Doll!

Hello hot cocoas! Yes, I am going to call you “hot cocoas” until the end of the month. So, right now I just got my doll, but I can’t open it because it is my early birthday present. My Mom says that I can open it close to my birthday, and she said the 20th of January.

Here are your clues:

  1. She has brown hair. (Brown or dark brown)
  2. She has the #5 in her number.

Have fun guessing! I will reveal her tomorrow.


GOTY 2018!

Hello everyone! AG has just begun the countdown for the GOTY 2018. I am so excited that I thought I would show you a picture:


AHHHHHHHHHHHH I am so excited! I am not going to be watching the first look on Good Morning America. I might, but I don’t know. I am SUPER excited also, because I am supposed to get my new doll today! Now, I am 100% sure that the GOTY is going to be Luciana, because her name is written all over this. The stars, the space ship, everything! Are you guys going to be watching the first look?

Have a great day!



Hello hot cocoas! I just wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Lizzy! She is turning nineteen, and she is awesome! HAVE AN AWESOME BIRTHDAY LIZZY!