Meet The Goats!

Hello everyone! This is a page where you will get to know my goats.

Clover snow goat

This first goat’s name is Clover, and he is a boy goat. Here are some things to help you get to know him:

Likes: grass, hay, food, being around other goats, eating snow, and running around the pasture.

Dislikes: the baby goats rubbing on him, being too close to him, and getting snow blown on his face.

Kind of goat: Alpine

Momma Goat

This is Mamma Goat, and she is a girl goat. You may see me spell her name Mamma Goat, Momma Goat, or Mama Goat. Here are some things to help you get to know her better:

Likes: being rubbed on the head with a brush or a stick, hay, grass, playing with Clover, food, (Seriously, she LOVES food.) and being frisky.

Dislikes: the baby goats being too close to her, when you rub a stick on her back, wet hay, and not getting any attention.

Kind of goat: Alpine

Sky view Cookie goat

This goat is Cookie, and he is a boy. Here is some things about him:

Likes: hay, grass, food, me, and eating snow.

Dislikes: having snow blown on top of him, cold hooves, and dislikes me when I am annoying.

I will get Miracle’s profile up soon! Have a great day!

~Kaylyn & The Goats


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