Jewel’s Giveaway!

Hey Everyone! As I told you HERE, today is a very special post. In celebration of 100 posts on DN, I thought it would be fun to host my first ever giveaway! I am so pumped for this! One winner will receive multiple items that are all the size for 18in dolls. Let’s see what… via… Continue reading Jewel’s Giveaway!


Countdown To My Birthday!

Hello everyone! Today, I am going to tell you some things that I did in my previous birthdays. I don't exactly know what I did for my last birthday... What did I do??? Hmm, let's skip to something that I do remember. XD OK, so when I was about eight years old, I went to… Continue reading Countdown To My Birthday!

Outdoor Photoshoot With My Dolls!

Hello everyone! So, a few days ago I went outside to take some photos. I was encouraged by the beautiful weather and sunshine to take some photos. I am really happy with the quality of some of these photos. Some of them have WAY too much sunlight in them, but I am going to show… Continue reading Outdoor Photoshoot With My Dolls!

AGCW Delay…

Hello everyone! So... I... kind of... didn't... post... the AGCW... yesterday... I AM SO SORRY!!!! I had so much homework, I had to go grocery shopping, and I was lazy. So, I will try to have the AGCW up today. Have a great day!