A Photoshoot of Izzy With Her Polkadot Dress!

Hello everyone! (I am very sorry that I didn’t post the last day of “Countdown To My Birthday. I was very excited on my birthday, and then they day after I got a package. So… I MIGHT have forgotten to post it… *nervous laugh*) Today I am going to show you some pictures that I took of Izzy. Recently I got The Dot Dress Outfit from AG.

I had some money, and my Mom let me get the Dot Dress Outfit online from American Girl. THANK YOU MOM!!! Anyway, I don’t mean to bore you with all of my rambling, but I am very excited. I will be doing a review on this outfit and some PJ’s that my Mom surprised me with. (SHE BOUGHT ME THE CUTEST AG PJ’S ON EARTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD) Well, what am I waiting for??? Let’s get onto the post.


I love this photo a lot! Izzy is looking at the goats. UGH, what bothers me the most, is that her glasses are falling off her face even though you can’t see it. I don’t know why that bothers me so much. XD


Another picture…


I am just going to warn you, a lot of my photos are going to be over lit. I couldn’t help it. I guess this one looks good…


WHY IS MY CAMERA BAG THERE???? XD This photo made my Mom and I dizzy. I am not used to taking photos like this.


I think this picture is very pretty!


It looks a little like Izzy’s eyes are glowing in this picture. Do you think so?


THE BOKEH!!!Β Do people still say “Bokeh” anymore? Am I even saying it right? Anyway, this photo looks amazing! I am trying to get more photos like these. So, you will se lots more photos like this one.


MORE BOKEH!!!! THIS IS BY FAR ONE OF MY FAVORITE PHOTOS EVER!!!!! I think that this is one of my photo masterpieces. XD Now, it does look like there is snow in the background, but trust me, it is just light.

I really enjoyed taking photos for this photoshoot! OK, confession time… Izzy may have… um… fallen out of my tree… OK, alright, she did. I AM SO SORRY, IZZY!!! Anyway, I had to clean her body, and I had to wash her hair because it smelled like dirt. I will never let her fall out of a tree ever again.

I am going to post a photo tip post soon. I recently got some foldable poster-board, and I am excited to take some photos using it. I hope you guys enjoyed this post!Β I hope I didn’t use too many CAPS and strikethrough stuff. Hehe Have a great day!

KaylynLOL surprise



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