Mini AG Haul!

Hello everyone! So today, I am going to show you some things that I got from AG! I went to the AG section in Toys R Us, and bought these items there.

If you didn’t know already, I had to get a flu shot, and it was a little stressful and didn’t go as planned. Then, I had an orthodontist appointment. I got my braces off, and now I have a retainer. They had to bond it on with a UV light, AND IT HURT!!!!!

So, for all of that, my Mom let me go to Toys R Us for my treat.

Photostory told by Izzy:

Izzy waving in the doll house

Izzy: Hello everyone! So, Kaylyn said that she got something for me and I was super excited! She also said that it was for her too, but I WAS SO EXCITED!!!

Both of the new AG sets

Kaylyn got me the Flowers and Dots Tank & Brief Set, and the Nail Polish & Manicure Set For Dolls. The tank and brief set is going to be my new Pajamas. I am so happy that Kaylyn got the nail polish set! I LOVE nail polish!

The whole AG outfit

So first, here is the tank and brief set. It looks just like PJ’s!!! I am so happy with this set.

AG nail polish set

Next, here is the nail polish set! I am really happy with this set, and I really like it! Kaylyn put some on my last night, but she is not going to show you that in this post. I hope you enjoyed this post!

Signing off,

LOL surprise

So, it is Kaylyn now. I hope you enjoyed this post! Overall, I would give both these products 4 stars. The shorts to the tank and brief set do not fit very well, but they still fit. I LOVE THE NAIL POLISH SET!!!! It is so cool! It does take a long time for the nail polish to dry though. Anyway, I hope you guys have a great day!




I am a Christian girl who loves toys, American Girl dolls, and crafts! I live on a farm with: 5 goats, 1 cat, and 15 chickens. I think you will like my blog! Here you will find: Crafts, photoshoots, photostories, my AG doll Izzy, and of course me! I hope you enjoy my blog! ~Kaylyn

42 thoughts on “Mini AG Haul!

      1. So, I my shirt sleeve was too tight and when I got my shot blood started squirting. I was so nervous and don’t like the sight of my own blood, and had to lay down, or otherwise I would have fainted.XD


      2. I know! XD Really? I HATE FLU SHOTS. XD Really? Hmm, once I was sick, and I was going to get some milk, and I fell on the floor and my eyesight went black. I didn’t actually fall asleep or anything.


      3. Oh, it’s fine! My shirt sleeve was too tight, and when they gave me a flu shot blood squirted out. I saw my sight go away, because I was about to faint. Not because of loss of blood, but I was really nervous, and yeah. XD

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      4. The same thing happened to me once! I was getting my shots to go to school (I had to have three). I was perfectly fine and then during the third one my Mom asked are these vaccines safe and all that and I started getting really worried that they weren’t and stuff. And then I started to panic, when we got up to go I felt terrible I thought I just needed to eat and get out of there (Btw, I hadn’t eaten or drank anything that day). Then my eyes slowly started going black and all I could see was the nurse in front of me. I made a noise and covered my eyes and she rushed to my side so I wouldn’t fall and lay me down. I ended up being okay it is a side effect to faint and stuff. And yes I have fainted before…… on a bike…..I still have the scar 😄

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  1. Ugh, I’m sorry about your less-than-spectacular morning! I’m allergic to something in those vaccines, so fortunately, I don’t have to get to get one…but I do have to get braces as soon as I lose two more teeth. *groan*

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  2. Awesome Haul! I got my flu shot a couple months ago. Just like I hate germs, I hate shots and dentist type stuff (where they put stuff in my mouth). I have a retainer and in a few months I’m getting braces. What color is your retainer?

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  3. That’s great that you got your braces off 😀 , but that’s not so good that is hurt! :/ At least you got a reward! 😉

    I really like both of the items you got! That’s a bummer that the outfit doesn’t fit though, and I’ve always wondered about that nail polish!

    Do you think you can show how it looks on Izzy in your next post? Thanks!

    🙂 Bella

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