Posts I Will Be Posting For January…

Hello everyone! So, today I will be sharing some posts that I will be posting. I have come up with quite a few, so I am excited to share them with you! Here we go!

  1. American Girl Craft Week.

American Girl Craft Week (AGCW) is going to be a new thing where I will do a full week of crafts. I will do this after I get Gracelyn (my new doll) unboxed so that she can model some of the crafts I do. I don’t have even 3 crafts planned! AHHHHH I will be doing a WHOLE week of crafts.

2. The Ways Of Life

I will be doing some more of my series, The Ways Of Life. I will be doing a part right before I get my new doll. You guys really like this new season and can’t wait for more, so I NEED to come up with the new part! I come up with the parts for my story just randomly. XD

3. Unboxing of my doll

I am going to try to do an unboxing of my new doll. I am super excited to get her unboxed, and you guys are too!

4. Snow photoshoots

So, as I write this, it is snowing outside! I will try to take pictures, but the weather said that I will get frostbite in a short time after 10 minutes… I will try my best to take some photos though.

5. More tutorials

I don’t exactly know what tutorials I will do, but I will do more of them.

6. What I get for my birthday

I am probably not going to get a lot for my birthday since my doll is my birthday present.

So, that is what I am going to try to post. Have you noticed that I’ve been posting everyday now? I won’t be posting everyday regularly. I hope you enjoyed this post!




I am a Christian girl who loves toys, American Girl dolls, and crafts! I live on a farm with: 5 goats, 1 cat, and 15 chickens. I think you will like my blog! Here you will find: Crafts, photoshoots, photostories, my AG doll Izzy, and of course me! I hope you enjoy my blog! ~Kaylyn

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