Lost In Hollywood Book Review

Hello everyone! Today I am going to do a book review on Lost In Hollywood. I am going to share my opinions on this book.


Lost In Hollywood is an intriguing book that will make you wonder what will happen next. Ginger and her BFF Payton go on a trip to Hollywood to save Ginger’s Aunt Betty Jean’s (ABJ) house from being taken away from ABJ. ABJ makes Ginger and Payton find hidden money that ABJ hid somewhere in Hollywood.

Meanwhile, Ginger has to be with her crazy family. Her brother Grant, thinks he’s an alien, her Dad invents weird stuff, and Ginger’s Mom loves old movies. Ginger’s Mom named her after a famous actress.

My thoughts:

So, this book was very interesting to read. There were lots of confusing parts of the book that didn’t make any sense to me. Maybe it was because I picked up the book after not reading it for half a year. I really do think that this book was great to read. I do have to say that this is not the most exciting book that I’ve ever read. I thought that it would be more exciting than it actually was. Overall, this is a very weird, but intriguing book.

So, I hope you guys enjoyed this post! So, you guys might think that this book is REALLY weird, but most of the time it is normal. I think that if you like Hollywood and mysteries, then this book is for you. Have an awesome day!





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35 thoughts on “Lost In Hollywood Book Review

  1. I haven’t seen this book, but I have read a similar book (well, series), about two twins Payton and Emma, and in one book they went to Hollywood, so it reminded me of your book. Great review!

    ~ Arabella (anythinginthewonderfullife.wordpress.com)

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