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Ok, so I don’t mind if anybody reblogs, (I actually like it) I just wanted to make some rules. (Nobody would probably reblog this, but oh well 😆) Please give me credit! My post from American girl ideas is a example. Please don’t change it, and if you do, just tell me. Ok that’s about […]

via REBLOG RULES — Amelia Grace’s Blog

Hello everyone! So, this girl named Amelia is really sweet, and she has an amazing blog! I reblogged one of her posts because she like it when people do that. PLEASE CHECK OUT HER BLOG!!! Have a great day!




I am a Christian girl who loves toys, American Girl dolls, and crafts! I live on a farm with: 5 goats, 1 cat, and 15 chickens. I think you will like my blog! Here you will find: Crafts, photoshoots, photostories, my AG doll Izzy, and of course me! I hope you enjoy my blog! ~Kaylyn

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