Why hello there everybody! Welcome to the Top 5 Nominees and Voting of the Paisley Awards 2017! Alright, we want to get into it, but before we do we just want to have a little CELEBRATION! We made it into the first page on Google when you search the term “American Girl Doll Blog” YAY! […]

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Hello everyone! So, the Paisley Awards are here! Go and vote now! Also, I am in the best doll blog created in 2017, so I would really appreciate it if you could vote for me. So, what are you waiting for??? VOTE!!!


Ariana’s Blog Party!

Hey guys, so I feel like starting the new off right, even if we are 13 days into it. 🙂 So, I have made my first photo tag! Then on January 17th a little while ago Zella and I decided we were both going to contribute to our blogs. 🙂 I am going to talk […]

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Hello everyone! Make sure to check out this amazing blog party! I will be there!

It’s Gracelyn!!!

Hello everyone! It is I, Kaylyn! So, my parents let me open my new doll early because we are going to be busy next Saturday. So, I tore open the box, and I took out my new doll! I also made a doll skirt with a very nice lady who taught me how to use a pattern! So, the doll skirt that my doll is wearing is the one that I made. Sorry for bad photos, I took them last night.

Photostory told by Gracelyn:


Gracelyn: Hello, there! My name is Gracelyn, and I am new here. Kaylyn’s parents were really nice and let Kaylyn open me early! I am Truly Me #55. I am a little nervous and curious about being on Kaylyn’s blog. So, I- PICT0542

Izzy: Heya, Gracelyn! What are you up to?

Gracelyn: Um, what are you doing here? I am telling people about myself on Kaylyn’s blog! What did you think I was doing?

Izzy: I don’t know. Well-

Gracelyn: Well, anyway, I am so happy to be sisters with Izzy, and I am so lucky to have a great Mom like Kaylyn!


Gracelyn: Does that have anything to do with what I was saying? Yes, I am.

Izzy: UGH.


Gracelyn: So, as you can tell, we are trying our best not to annoy each other. XD


Gracelyn: JUST. LET. IT. GO.

Izzy: NO!!!

Gracelyn: OK, I am going to talk about something more interesting than a tank top. When I first got out of my cramped box, I was so happy to see someone! Kaylyn took great care of my hair, and she dressed me, and she was so kind!

Izzy: Kaylyn is a very kind person!

Gracelyn: Here is what we both look like.

Kaylyn: Guys, are you behaving? It looks like to me, from the post, that you guys were fighting.

Izzy: Well…. Maybe a little…

Gracelyn: What Izzy is trying to say, is that we did fight.


Gracelyn: Wha??? You are always supposed to say the truth.

Izzy: Fine.

Gracelyn: Well, that about wraps things up, folks! Have a wonderful, spectacular day!


Well, sorry for all of the fighting. That wasn’t supposed to happen… XD

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this post! I will have Gracelyn’s profile up very soon. I am going to try to fix up the “Meet The Dolls” page, because it is very MESSY!!! I hope you enjoyed this post! Make sure to give Gracelyn a warm welcome in the comments! Have a great day!


Mini AG Haul!

Hello everyone! So today, I am going to show you some things that I got from AG! I went to the AG section in Toys R Us, and bought these items there.

If you didn’t know already, I had to get a flu shot, and it was a little stressful and didn’t go as planned. Then, I had an orthodontist appointment. I got my braces off, and now I have a retainer. They had to bond it on with a UV light, AND IT HURT!!!!!

So, for all of that, my Mom let me go to Toys R Us for my treat.

Photostory told by Izzy:

Izzy waving in the doll house

Izzy: Hello everyone! So, Kaylyn said that she got something for me and I was super excited! She also said that it was for her too, but I WAS SO EXCITED!!!

Both of the new AG sets

Kaylyn got me the Flowers and Dots Tank & Brief Set, and the Nail Polish & Manicure Set For Dolls. The tank and brief set is going to be my new Pajamas. I am so happy that Kaylyn got the nail polish set! I LOVE nail polish!

The whole AG outfit

So first, here is the tank and brief set. It looks just like PJ’s!!! I am so happy with this set.

AG nail polish set

Next, here is the nail polish set! I am really happy with this set, and I really like it! Kaylyn put some on my last night, but she is not going to show you that in this post. I hope you enjoyed this post!

Signing off,

LOL surprise

So, it is Kaylyn now. I hope you enjoyed this post! Overall, I would give both these products 4 stars. The shorts to the tank and brief set do not fit very well, but they still fit. I LOVE THE NAIL POLISH SET!!!! It is so cool! It does take a long time for the nail polish to dry though. Anyway, I hope you guys have a great day!



Happy birthday to me, I’m twelve officially…. You heard that right, cupcakes. Today I am 12. Twelve. A whole new year for living and growing and yes, blogging. You guys have made 11 one of the best years of my life. I mean that. You all brought such joy to the inexperienced girl, who last February was […]

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Hello everyone! I am reblogging Natalie’s post. I just want to say a HUGE and I mean huge happy birthday to her!


Alright, I hope you have a great day, and say happy birthday to Natalie in the comments! She is 12!


Posts I Will Be Posting For January…

Hello everyone! So, today I will be sharing some posts that I will be posting. I have come up with quite a few, so I am excited to share them with you! Here we go!

  1. American Girl Craft Week.

American Girl Craft Week (AGCW) is going to be a new thing where I will do a full week of crafts. I will do this after I get Gracelyn (my new doll) unboxed so that she can model some of the crafts I do. I don’t have even 3 crafts planned! AHHHHH I will be doing a WHOLE week of crafts.

2. The Ways Of Life

I will be doing some more of my series, The Ways Of Life. I will be doing a part right before I get my new doll. You guys really like this new season and can’t wait for more, so I NEED to come up with the new part! I come up with the parts for my story just randomly. XD

3. Unboxing of my doll

I am going to try to do an unboxing of my new doll. I am super excited to get her unboxed, and you guys are too!

4. Snow photoshoots

So, as I write this, it is snowing outside! I will try to take pictures, but the weather said that I will get frostbite in a short time after 10 minutes… I will try my best to take some photos though.

5. More tutorials

I don’t exactly know what tutorials I will do, but I will do more of them.

6. What I get for my birthday

I am probably not going to get a lot for my birthday since my doll is my birthday present.

So, that is what I am going to try to post. Have you noticed that I’ve been posting everyday now? I won’t be posting everyday regularly. I hope you enjoyed this post!


Lost In Hollywood Book Review

Hello everyone! Today I am going to do a book review on Lost In Hollywood. I am going to share my opinions on this book.


Lost In Hollywood is an intriguing book that will make you wonder what will happen next. Ginger and her BFF Payton go on a trip to Hollywood to save Ginger’s Aunt Betty Jean’s (ABJ) house from being taken away from ABJ. ABJ makes Ginger and Payton find hidden money that ABJ hid somewhere in Hollywood.

Meanwhile, Ginger has to be with her crazy family. Her brother Grant, thinks he’s an alien, her Dad invents weird stuff, and Ginger’s Mom loves old movies. Ginger’s Mom named her after a famous actress.

My thoughts:

So, this book was very interesting to read. There were lots of confusing parts of the book that didn’t make any sense to me. Maybe it was because I picked up the book after not reading it for half a year. I really do think that this book was great to read. I do have to say that this is not the most exciting book that I’ve ever read. I thought that it would be more exciting than it actually was. Overall, this is a very weird, but intriguing book.

So, I hope you guys enjoyed this post! So, you guys might think that this book is REALLY weird, but most of the time it is normal. I think that if you like Hollywood and mysteries, then this book is for you. Have an awesome day!