Liebster Blog Award!

Hello everyone! Today I am going to tell you about the Liebster blog award! First I want to say a huge thanks to Kristina Swanson for nominating me! I appreciate it very much! Blog award rules: 1. Recognize the blogger that nominated you. 2. Answer all the questions that you were asked. 3. Nominate 5-11… Continue reading Liebster Blog Award!

Izzy’s Unboxing!

Hello everyone! Today Izzy is going to unbox a toy! "Hello there! I'm Izzy and today I am going to unbox this LOL Surprise Charm Fizz!" "The LOL Surprise Charm Fizz has 3 surprises in it!" "Here I am holding the LOL Surprise ball!" "Here I am unwraping the first layer." "The first layer has… Continue reading Izzy’s Unboxing!

Summer Outfit Sunday!

Hello everyone! Today Izzy and me are back with another Summer Outfit Sunday! Here is Izzy's full outfit! Izzy is wearing tan sandals from Julie's collection. An aqua maxi skirt. A T-shirt with coconut on it. Brownie ombre glasses. Earrings. I also gave Izzy a braid! Please like and follow me! Have a great day!… Continue reading Summer Outfit Sunday!

Outdoor Photoshoot!

Hello everyone! Today I took some photos outside! I took photos of some pretty flowers! Here come the goats! Look at how silly Mama Goat is!! (Mama Goat is her real name!) Clover is very curious! Here are Cookie and Miracle! Now you are going to see a ton of photos of the chickens! I… Continue reading Outdoor Photoshoot!

DIY Pencil Pouch For Your AG Doll!

Hello everyone! Today I am going to show you how to make a cute pencil pouch for your AG doll. Here Izzy is saying hi! To make your pencil pouch you will need: A foam sheet, sewing needle, thread, velcro, and any sort of decoration to decorate your pencil pouch. Start by cutting a long… Continue reading DIY Pencil Pouch For Your AG Doll!

Which Outfit Is Better?

Hello everyone! Today I am doing a contest to see which outfit Izzy's wearing is the best! After you decide which outfit you like the best tell me in the comments which outfit you think is the best. Here is the first outfit. Here is the second outfit. Here is the third outfit. Please like… Continue reading Which Outfit Is Better?